Embark on a Transformative Journey: A Women’s Retreat for Self-Discovery, Wellness, and Connection.

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Join us for a rejuvenating and empowering weekend retreat designed exclusively for women. Immerse yourself in tranquility through invigorating yoga, soothing meditation sessions, guided breath work, hiking and cooking programs, all led by experienced instructors. Indulge in delectable chef-prepared farm to table style meals that will tantalize your taste buds and nourish your soul. Engage in intimate small group classes where you can connect with like-minded individuals and explore new horizons. Elevate your experience with optional services such as blissful massages to unwind and rejuvenate, and life coaching to ignite personal growth. This retreat promises a sanctuary of self-discovery, wellness, and connection in a serene setting. Register now to embark on a transformative journey with us!
Tracy Peyton and Hayley Tamea

Melissa Terese McLaughlin

Melissa Terese McLaughlin is a Breathwork Facilitator, Teacher, Shamanic Practitioner, and Modern Day Medicine Carrier who has developed a unique approach to healing that has supported countless people around the world.

Melissa’s journey began in 2014 when she experienced a life-changing moment healing a back injury with her own breath. The experience was profound and led her to study various holistic healing practices and ancient shamanic wisdom teachings. She eventually developed a style of breathwork session she calls “Ceremonial Breathwork”, which supports individuals in releasing emotional blockages, reducing stress and anxiety, and promoting overall well-being.

Now, she dedicates her life to empowering others to use their BREATH to heal. Over the years, Melissa has refined her approach to breathwork and developed a formula and facilitator training for Ceremonial Breathwork. Additionally, she has created easy-to-follow training for the use of the Shamanic Energy tools of the Q’ero Peruvian Medicine Wheel. She is the founder of Breathwork Worldwide and Circle of Sacred Breath, two organizations dedicated to supporting people to heal and transform. Offering private sessions, group circles, and workshops worldwide, Melissa is passionate about sharing her breathwork knowledge. Through the breath, she believes that everyone has the power to become whole and enhance their lives. Her mission is to introduce ancient practices alongside traditional Western medicine to those seeking a different therapeutic approach.

Melissa holds a B.A. in Mass Communication from Emerson College in Boston MA and multiple certifications for Breathwork Facilitation, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Neuroscience, Light Energy Healing, Sound Healing, and Entheogen Plant Facilitation and Integration. Melissa’s healing arts practice is in Powhatan, Virginia, where she lives with her husband Jamie, three boys, a farm full of animals, and the Tribe that has come together in community through her offerings.

What I'm Teaching

Hayley Tamea

Hayley Tamea is a massage therapist and somatic life coach. She is passionate about supporting her clients move through and out of pain on both the physical and mental level. She combines her lifelong passion for wellness with her study of the ancient Hawaiian healing art of Lomi Lomi and her education in trauma informed somatic coaching to provide a holistic approach to releasing stuck energy in the body, whether it is being expressed with physical, mental or emotional symptoms.  Hayley will meet you exactly where you are on your healing journey.  When you work with her, expect to be supported with somatic release tools and embodiment practices to let go of what is no longer serving you to ultimately up-level how you are showing up for yourself and others in your life.

What I'm leading:

Henri Emile

With a dynamic corporate journey in media, tech, and publishing, Henri’s experience of the highs and lows of leadership sparked a career transformation. Henri, the rebel, rule-breaker, and big mouth, is now a Certified Master Coach specializing in trauma-informed coaching, supporting clients in cultivating a life created on their terms, in their most genuine and authentic version of themselves–playing big in a world that emphasizes smallness and mediocrity.

After witnessing the destructive cycle of business practices that take and take, Henri became a firm believer in a regenerative future as the sustainable path forward. Henri now guides executives, seasoned leaders, and entrepreneurs, assisting them in reconnecting with their bodies, connecting with nature, nurturing sustainable growth within their businesses, and crafting a regenerative life on their terms.

What I'm Teaching:

Heather Joseph

An everyday healer and coach in my own life. My passion revolves around empowering individuals to embark on their unique paths of healing and self-discovery. Through the utilization of Eden Energy Medicine, the transformational four pathways of healing, and the guidance of life coaching, I find joy in assisting others on their journey. Drawing from various certifications in energy healing modalities and coaching, I curate integrative experiences for individual clients and group sessions. Together we embark on a journey toward holistic well-being and transformation.

What I'm Teaching:

Robyn DeGraff

A practicing yogi for 30 years. She has been studying at the Himalayan Institute since 2010 which included the opportunity for study in India. Robyn received her 200 HR Yoga teacher certification from the Himalayan Institute in 2019 as well as becoming a certified Vishoka Meditation teacher in 2021. Robyn has also studied energy medicine, nutrition, is a Healing Touch Practitioner and a facilitator of circles and retreats for women.

What I'm Teaching:

Hannah Gladwell

Carries a love & passion for the Earth and Healing Arts. Her exploration into holistic health led her into a new journey to becoming a massage therapist, earning her license in 2020. This experience inspired her to live life in connection with the spirit of the natural world. Healing through the intelligence of nature, herbs, & fungi. Bringing a newfound awareness, integrity, and reverence of the earths wisdom. 

Hannah’s intention is to support others through the innate awareness of the body, energy, emotions, and to spark curiosities. Bridging the gap between mind, body, and spirit. She weaves together modern knowledge with ancient wisdom, facilitating a safe space for healing. Empowering others to tap into their authenticity and own unique gifts.

What I'm Teaching:

Mia Hamza

(E-RYT 500 Certified) She sees the practice as potent medicine for body, mind, and soul. She combines more than a decade of dedicated yoga practice with her study of science and holistic health practices. Mia’s classes focus on using movement therapeutically to strengthen and heal the body. She is currently completing her 1000-hour Yoga Medicine certification, a thorough, anatomy-based system where she is learning to work more powerfully with her clients and within healthcare systems. Within this training, Mia specializes in Sports Medicine and Orthopedics. She teaches group classes, workshops, and retreats around the world, and has designed programs for athletes, veterans, expectant mothers, recovering addicts, cancer patients, teens, those new to yoga, and experienced yogis, too.

What I'm Teaching:

Sparrow Huffman

RYT 200 – Hatha Yoga teacher from Lewisburg, West Virginia.

Having spent her career in restaurants and hotel work, she is now layering on to her passions to share her love of the powerful healing in the yoga practice. Her favorite things have always been where authenticity shines. She loves reading, cooking for crowds of hungry people, organic gardening, being a mama, and home-schooling her two younger children. Yoga practice has taught Sparrow to look within in order to love more deeply, and see more clearly. She completed her 200-hour training with her teacher Christa Mastrangelo Joyce, of Jala Yoga in Shepherdstown, WV. While in this training, she was able to expand not only her physical Asana practice but to learn the lineages, history, and incredible stories surrounding this practice.

What I'm Teaching:

Monica McCormick

Hello there! I’m Monica and I proudly identify as a health-oriented person. With a deep passion for well-being, I strive to live a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle that prioritizes both physical and mental health. As a dedicated advocate for holistic wellness, I am committed to inspiring others to embrace a similar mindset. I prioritize regular exercise to keep myself strong, agile, and energized. When it comes to nutrition, I am a firm believer in the power of a balanced diet.

What I'm teaching

Kacie Argabright

Kacie began her career as a holistic esthetician 15 years ago. She has honed her skills and passion for improving skin health through consistent training and education on skin physiology, massage techniques, product ingredients, as well as the internal factors that contribute to healthy skin.

What I'm teaching

Chefs Everett O'Flaherty & Hilary Stalnaker

Chefs Everett O’Flaherty & Hilary Stalnaker are based in Lewisburg, WV. The duo have spent the last eight years traveling the world in search of new flavors, cooking techniques, and inspiring tales to pair with their dishes. Food is a powerful storyteller and they believe it’s told best through the seasonality of fresh ingredients. 

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